Saturday, July 16, 2011

Todd Cecil on Rigaud Guitars

" I have never heard more beautiful and tonally dynamic guitars. For me, a guitar has to be, not only well constructed but most importantly resonate with a full spectrum of sound. It is very difficult to put into words what you hear and feel when a guitar reaches it's full potential.

It is commonly known that an instrument needs to age for it to mature, but for some reason the handmade guitars that Bob Rigaud is producing seem to have this type of tonal maturity that is found in the vintage guitar world. Whether it is the Jumbo, Midsize or parlor, I have put them head to head with early vintage Gibson's and Martin's ( the best of the best ) and the Rigaud guitars not only hold their own but exceed in many ways.....very strange.

So Bob Rigaud is making beautiful guitars with incredibly dynamic tonal vintage sound. Do yourself a favor and check these instruments out....they will probably change the way you think about instrument, they did for me." - Todd Cecil

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