Monday, December 8, 2008

Shop Tour Video

Hey gang! Here's a little 3 minute video that we shot of my shop. It's kind of messy, but that's just because I'm busy! Hope you like the old instruments and photos. YouTube kind of blurs the images, but that's John Fogerty, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Roy Clark and others with me in the pictures.

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Headcap Designs

Here's some of my newest headcap (headstock cover) designs. Some of you might not know that I also run a business called Fine Lines Inlay where I create inlays, rosettes and headcaps like these for other luthiers. I love the artistic expression that I can put into every detail of one of these beauties. What do you guys think? Have a favorite one of these?

John Hiatt Playing One of My Guitars

This was a truly great moment for me (that's me on the right), watching John Hiatt play one of my guitars, and enjoying it! He liked it so much that he's asked me to build him one, and he's using this one now for his live shows!

Lyle commented on how my guitar sounded like it was an old vintage guitar that had been played for decades, even though it was brand new. I told him that I put special care and effort into how I make my guitars' bracing so that it sounds "played in" from the get-go. I'd say more about it here, but I suppose it's one of my trade secrets! In any case, Lyle wants me to build him one now too.

Wow, man, what a night! I tell you it was unreal to be sitting there during this incredible concert, and know that it's one of my guitars up there being used by John Hiatt to create such amazing music.

After the show, I was able to hang out with Lyle and John for a while. What great guys - I was a little starstruck to be honest, but they really made me feel right at home with them. Pretty cool, huh?